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GCRC Fact Check

Damning accounts about the current situation at KPFK and Pacifica have been, and may still be being broadcast by three paid staffers: Sonali Kolhatkar, Ian Masters and Roy Tuckman. This fact check is a response to a disingenuous op-ed by Sonali Kolhatkar that was published in the L.A.Times on Sep. 24, 2015.

A further response to disinformation

Yes, some of the staff have been reduced to half time salaries; but NO, not all workers had their salaries halved:

NO, the measures taken were not a violation of union rights, nor an effort to undermine the staff union:

YES, there is a financial crisis:

YES, there is a democratic governance structure with a board comprised of listener-subscribers, the "owners of the station" (75%), with 25% representation of staff, both volunteer and paid staff.

YES, KPFK did not achieve quorum during the 2012 election, and the existing Board remained in place:

NO, elected Boards are not primarily responsible for the financial crisis:

YES, there is dissension and factionalism, but it is not only in the LSB. There have been factions among the staff for years, independent of the board elections:

NO, continuing the inordinate amount of fund drives is not the plan:

YES, we agree with Sonali Kolhatkar when she writes: "There is a public hunger for the kind of commercial-free programming that KPFK offers: analysis that indicts capitalism for the ills of climate change, calls out police brutality, prioritizes the victims of war over the desires of warmongers and showcases struggles for social and political justice."

This is a rebuttal and a clarification at the same time - we mean neither to react to nor demonize our opponents. What you can expect from the members of our coalition is that we will act as steadfast stewards of KPFK with a commitment to bringing in the voices of our diverse communities!