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Jack Neff


Jack Neff I am Jack Neff and I would like to hear programming on KPFK which serves diverse voices' analysis on local and global perspectives, and which are locally produced.

To reduce fund drive times and meet KPFK's financial needs, I want KPFK to reach larger numbers of smaller pledges offering multi-media premiums within the Pacifica Archives and to broadcast unique, controversial programming geared to people who are outraged, including younger listeners with voices concerned about social and environmental justice.

KPFK's LSB should support Pacifica's mission of a not-for-profit radio station, 100% listener-supported, uncensored distribution of public information. KPFK is the only radio giving air time to grassroots voices of diverse communities in English and Spanish. There are critical issues facing KPFK and the country. KPFK listeners need information as much as KPFK needs revenue.

I am with the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition www.gcrc-socal.org

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