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Lawrence P. Reyes


Lawrence Reyes I'm Lawrence Reyes, running for election to the LSB with Grassroots Community Radio Coalition. I'm a parent, county worker, and union activist and Steward for SEIU Local 721. KPFK has recently begun airing voices from those missing out on many issues affecting their future. KPFK is reaching a younger and a greater audience, adding nearly 3,000 new listener-sponsors as a direct result of the dynamic new programming it's airing.

Listeners and volunteers must have a say in how the station's run. KPFK must help advance solutions to the problems we're experiencing. Black Lives Matter, War, incarceration, gentrification, and privatization affect me as an organizer, parent and community worker. We need an open programming evaluation process and the continuing of our training program for our next generation of listeners and programmers to keep KPFK relevant and strong in the future, yet some on the board are attacking this. I have worked on many LSB Town Halls, even before I was a member of the LSB. I have been involved in many community-based organizing efforts as a Puerto Rican and a union activist, for example bringing Nelson Denis and Lynne Stewart to L.A. (where they did a benefit for KPFK). I've served on the Pacifica National Board. The current majority on the local board has been restricting listener participation on committees, denying hardship waivers for KPFK Membership to poor, disabled and incarcerated members. Members of the current majority on the board use fear, with Gloom and Doom scenarios about how KPFK will not survive the crisis (which they created in 2013). The new management at the station has been turning things around! If we continue to increase our membership and get our audits done we will get our CPB funding restored. KPFK must change and grow, refresh its programming and be more engaged with and responsive to the community in order to survive and thrive.

Questions? Call 310-460-8586, email alianzapr@hotmail.com, and check www.gcrc-socal.org

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