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Reza Pour


Reza Pour As a past and current board member of this radio station I am well acquainted with the demands and requirements of this position. As a community organizer I have deep connections with many underserved communities who are needed by us to support this station.

As your elected board member I would support greater dialogue and interaction between board members and staff with people in the streets and with each other for the improvement of KPFK. I would work to bring back to KPFK its own news department with a strong corps of stringers from the various communities addressing local issues. I would also work toward greater support and recognition of the over 100 unpaid staff who dedicate their passion and their time toward creating diverse and quality broadcasts that inspire and educate.

As a member of the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition (gcrc-socal.org) I am running with others who stand together in support of peace and social justice. I believe in the solidarity and diversity of our communities including multigenerational and multi-lingual voices on our airwaves and I support more collectively produced programs and news from our local communities.

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