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Sabina Virgo


Sabina Virgo KPFK has always been part of my life. It has been the voice of struggle, the voice of the 'movement', the voice that I always felt was 'ours.'

90.7 was where I turned when I wanted to hear what was real. That has been true for me as long as I have been an activist.

And it still is. The frustration that people feel with a society that can't answer our basic needs, and the relative weakness of progressive movements in the US, have fed the growth of a racist, nativist right-wing movement that is contesting for political power at every level - - including the White House.

Ideas that were, until just recently, considered unspeakably backward, have been made respectable and are securing a base in "huge" sections of the population.

Most news stations are corporate owned, and their version of the news reflects that. KPFK is different. KPFK gives voice to us; to people who want a new kind of world; one of justice and equity and peace.

I want to be part of helping our voice to be heard by more people, and would be honored to work toward that, in a productive, healthy and principled LSB.


I have been active in the struggle for justice and peace all of my adult life. I was the founding president of AFSCME, Local 2620, (a statewide union Local of social service professionals) and have served on many national labor bodies. I have spoken on KPFK and throughout the country on issues of social and economic justice, and have written analyses that were published by the Nation, Peaceworks, and SouthEnd Press.

I served on the Board of SCLC, the National Board of the Rainbow Coalition, was interim national president of the Coffee Party, am a member of the MLK Coalition, and on the Steering Committee of SoCal350 Climate Action.

As part of the LSB of KPFK, I would like to work with others who value the voice of truly independent radio, and help to magnify and publicize the voice of KPFK.

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