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Schyna Pour


Schyna Pour My name is SCHYNA POUR. I would like to serve on the KPFK board to provide an alternative perspective and approach. I have listened and volunteered with KPFK for over 20 years and have seen the progression of the station made possible by all the work and dedication by staff and volunteers. I actively participated with the KPFK news broadcasting, the KPFK outreach committee, and with multiple organizations on college campuses and throughout the Los Angeles community.

I am a Childrens Social Worker and a member of the local union. I have seen the extent of KPFK's impact throughout the community at colleges/universities, schools, community events, and in the greater Los Angeles community. I believe that KPFK and Pacifica are the backbone of the movements and we need to continue and maintain our presence.

My goal would be to continue KPFK's purpose of "Powered by the People" by standing with community based programming but also advocating for a local news team. I support the Pacifica Mission Statement and I will also advocate to the board to work with the staff, listeners, and community to increase listenership, raise funds through alternative fundraisings, and develop programming to represent the community.

I am running as a youth candidate to help contribute ideas and dedicate myself to ensure KPFK remains on the air without corporate or party sponsorship for my generation and generations to come. I am running with other GRASSROOTS COMMUNITY RADIO COALITION candidates. WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

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