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Polina Vasiliev


Polina Vasiliev I have been a passionate KPFK supporter for over 10 years, and volunteer programmer for almost a year. When I first started, we were on the verge of closing our doors due to a budget crisis. Just a few months later, under new management, we are turning things around financially, without sacrificing our independence from corporate special interests. KPFK is unique because it is not just public radio, it is community radio, as stipulated in Pacifica's mission, which is about giving voice to globally and locally underserved communities and not just speaking for them. We can further Pacifica's social justice goals and increase KPFK listenership by going to the communities we serve and bringing them into our studios, newsrooms, and into every other aspect of radio production.

Born in Moscow, Russia, I have worked and studied in the US, Argentina, and Brazil. Currently instructor at UCLA; Ph.D. in Linguistics; fluent in four languages. Current member of APE, Association of Spanish Language Programmers.

I also have the support of several grassroots organizations and collectives, inside and outside of KPFK. If you believe in a truly inclusive community radio project, please give me your vote. Thank you!

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