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Single Transferable Vote (STV)

The KPFK LSB election uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method, sometimes called Choice Voting.

This system is designed for multi-seat constituencies, a form of Proportional Representation intended to provide fair representation to diverse communities.

Candidates don't need a majority of votes to be elected, just a known 'quota', or share of the votes, determined by the size of the electorate and the number of positions to be filled.

How does the Single Transferable Vote work?

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) is a form of proportional representation [... where ...] voters put numbers next to candidates in order of preference. To get elected, candidates need to reach a set share of the votes, determined by the number of positions to be filled.

Each voter gets one vote, which can transfer from their first-preference to their second-preference, so if your preferred candidate has no chance of being elected or has enough votes already, your vote is transferred to your second choice candidate in accordance with your instructions. STV thus ensures that very few votes are wasted ... . Electoral Reform Society

On your ballot you will be asked to rank your choices for the KPFK Local Station Board in order of your preference. You should mark your top choice (highest preference) with the lowest number. In other words, you should mark your favorite candidate as 1, your second favorite should be ranked 2, your third favorite should be ranked 3 and so on.

This 3½ minute video illustrates some details of the Choice Voting procedure.

Here's another short (2:42) explanation.

For more answers, you may wish to visit KPFK's STV Voting FAQ site.