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Grassroots Community Radio Coalition
Program & Platform

1. Rebuild KPFK’s audience. We don’t need corporate underwriters to stay alive. GCRC trusts that we can rebuild the station with a growing, diverse new generation of membership, and win back those we have lost.

• Return to Mission-driven programming, shorter fund drives, and top-quality production values

• Bring on air the conscious new generation who are shaping a better tomorrow, by training community-oriented producers who can reach new audiences and bring back lost listeners.

• Strengthen our base with SoCal’s diverse communities of poor and working people, African, Meso- and South American, Asian, and Middle Eastern communities.

2. Use technology to incorporate interactivity and the many-to-many ethos of social media.

  • Broadcast actions and events live from the streets, community venues, schools and campuses
  • Encourage comments, chat, and people’s journalism. Involve KPFK in dialog with listeners.
  • 3. Begin fundraising with a vision, a strategic plan to guide staffing, programming, and fund-raising.

  • Open the books. Donors need confidence in the transparent and accountable use of our money
  • Design budgets that put the station’s ethical and political aspirations into practice.
  • Increase off-air fundraising to shorten on-air fund drives
  • 4. Promote KPFK. Southern California should buzz about what KPFK is broadcasting

  • Build alliances with other progressive media outlets.
  • Access school, college, and university broadcast & journalism programs
  • Assure that KPFK assesses and meets under-served community needs.
  • 5. Management should revamp the programming process.

  • Establish clear ways to select, evaluate, improve, and refresh programs. Restore local news.
  • Hold regular program department meetings, including with unpaid staff
  • More documentaries, specials and series that explore issues and solutions in depth.
  • Young people’s voices and energies on the air; diverse youth and kids’ programming
  • Fulfill PNB commitment to national Spanish-language news & Spanish-language programming.
  • 6. Effective, accountable management that collaborates with staff, listeners and governance

  • Establish effective staff-to-staff communication networks.
  • Solicit and respond to listener input and criticisms on-air and off
  • The Executive Director, General Manager and Program Director should help develop long-range growth plans with collaboration from staff, listeners and governance, and benchmarks on implementation
  • 7. The Local Station Board should promote constructive dialog with & among listeners and staff


    Over the past decade, strategies have been pursued that subvert Pacifica’s commitment to democratic media and dull the cutting edge of its programming. We’ve seen the result: fund-drives that take up an increasing amount of airtime with ‘infomercials,’ and fewer listeners. Silence in the face of “humanitarian” war, and timidity in the face of racial and political repression, have produced deficits, layoffs, and factionalism within staff, management and governance.

    KPFK must restore its credibility with listeners, and provide critically needed investigative journalism and opportunities for creative cultural and philosophical expression. Now is the time to restore a passion for peace and justice. Let’s lead the way to a Pacifica and KPFK that can help make history! We invite you to join us in the effort to actualize the Pacifica mission and vision, from well-meaning words on paper, into gripping, engaging, multi-faceted programming for our listeners and our world.