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Grassroots Community Radio Coalition
Points of Unity

As a coalition of community activists with various affiliations and perspectives,
we have united around the following principles:
  • For Peace with Justice
    Implement the core progressive values of the Pacifica Mission: voices not commonly heard in mainstream media.
  • For the Movement for Black Lives
    Oppose police brutality and murders, demand an end to police impunity and support the demands of Black Lives Matter LA
  • For ending Institutional Racism
    Close the school-to-prison pipeline, end racial discrimination in housing, employment, education, health care and the media
  • For Abolishing Mass Incarceration and the Prison-Industrial complex
    End the war on the poor and the drug war
  • For Freeing All Political Prisoners
    Oppose political repression, demand an end to collective punishment and to isolation, sleep deprivation and other forms of torture
  • For Migrant Rights
    Oppose anti-immigrant hysteria, raids, racism and repression.
  • For Workers' Rights & Labor Solidarity
    Our strength is in our alliances and that's why we proudly align ourselves with working men and women and their unions, and think Pacifica should shop union.
  • For Gender Equity
    Support the rights of women and the LGBTQ community worldwide.
  • For Defense of the Earth, Animals, and the Environment
    Respect for all living beings and a sustainable relationship with the rest of the natural world, in alliance with indigenous peoples' struggles locally and globally.
  • For Unity, Diversity, and Our Communities
    Local, diverse, multilingual, and multi-generational voices, high quality broadcasts of performing arts, public affairs, more collectively produced programs, and local news from and for our communities.
  • For Spanish & Bilingual Programming
    Spanish, bilingual and intra-lingual programs to communicate the progressive voices of Spanish-speaking communities and to bring these issues to English-speaking listeners as well.
  • For Local News & Public Affairs
    Greater autonomy and local decision-making, harnessing local resources and addressing local needs for our radio station, including restoring locally produced daily newscasts and training in news and radio production.
  • For Building Pacifica's Impact
    Leverage our progressive base in the spirit of solidarity with all Pacifica stations and affiliates, to strengthen our capacity to shape public discourse and bring issues before the public.
  • For Accountability to Listener-Sponsors
    Fiscally transparent, responsible, and self-sustaining best practice non-profit management: people, not infomercials or corporate underwriters, supporting progressive people's radio.
  • For Openness to All on the Air, in the Streets and within the Pacifica Foundation
    Effective, participatory governance that is accountable to listener-sponsors and staff, and responsive to the diverse needs and interests of the Southern California listeners and communities. The station and its activities must be fully accessible to people with disabilities.
  • For High Quality Programming that Attracts New Listeners
    Programs that inspire, educate, delight and inform, at the intersection of social possibility with political and cultural power, to help carry the Pacifica mission forward into current and future generations.