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Grassroots Community Radio Coalition

GCRC is an alliance of peace and human rights activists working for social, labor, economic, environmental and racial justice. We are committed to reviving and protecting community-based, grassroots free speech radio at listener-sponsored KPFK, 90.7 in Los Angeles, 98.7 in Santa Barbara and 93.7 in San Diego.

2016 Certified KPFK Election Results

For a recap of GCRC endorsed delegates who have been elected, please click here.

Complete results for listener-sponsor member delegates can be found
here and complete results for staff member delegates can be found here.

Coup Underway at the Pacifica Foundation

For those who did not attend the KPFK LSB meeting on Sunday, 3/12/2017 at 10:30am at the Peace Center West, here is a very brief update.

Some background first

The GCRC-supported slate in the recent elections lost out to members of the "CandidateSlate" ticket, many of whom are intent on ripping the station from its community roots. The new majority on the KPFK LSB proceeded to elect three reps to the Pacifica National Board.

The architects of the coup moved swiftly. First unpaid, volunteer Interim Executive Director Lydia Brazon was removed from her charge and replaced with Bill Crosier from KPFT in Houston. The new PNB majority immediately moved to advertise for new legal counsel, in effect, dismissing Siegel & Yee. The PNB replaced all of the officers as well as removing, without due process, elected PNB directors, Sharon Brown and Efia Nwangaza and replacing them with their partisan allies.

Bill Crosier lost no time in creating the instability that has rocked and debilitated the Pacifica Foundation characteristic of their previous reign through 2013. Crosier flew to L.A. to fire KPFK GM Leslie Radford without cause. Crosier then proceeded to appoint an interim KPFK general manager (Christine Blosdale) - and programming changes ensued.

On the local level, the coup continued on its swift way. When Sharon Brown (who had been elected on the "CandidateSlate" ticket and who had served as chair of the LSB during her first year) won the 4th seat on the PNB with the support of GCRC LSB members, she was perceived to be more of an independent thinker than the coup leaders wanted, and they began an organized, disingenuous campaign to unseat her. With majority control of the LSB, they succeeded.

Now the retrograde LSB is attempting to oust the elected Unpaid Staff Representative Adam Rice, who introduced KPFK’s School of Broadcasting and has attracted a young, diverse, energetic pool of participants, which should be seen a significant step toward increasing our audience reach.

What Happened on 3/12/2017 - the KPFK LSB Meeting

Listeners, primarily supporters of community based radio and especially young activists, turned out in impressive numbers for this meeting on a Sunday morning. When the LSB attempted to approve the agenda, a mini-revolution commenced. The proposed agenda point that distressed the attendees was this item:

"LSB Closed Session to Discuss Confidential LSB Matters (to discuss matters related to the Local Station Board)"

It was clear to the audience that this effort to hold a closed session was in violation of CPB Open Meeting Requirements and the bylaws of the foundation.

The attendees strongly voiced their opposition to a closed session that was predictively called to disparage and oust Adam Rice from the LSB. The chair could not control the outrage being expressed so in order to outmaneuver the protest, he tried to recess the meeting to reconvene in an adjoining room. But to no avail.

To make a rather longer story short, the LSB eventually had to adjourn, but not until three members announced their intention to resign! Unfortunately, Sabina Virgo, who GCRC had endorsed, felt that she had to resign. Two "CandidateSlate" members also declared their intent to resign: Paul Song and Roberta Eidman. Whether these three members follow up on their verbal announcements is yet to be determined. [ed. Eidman retracted her resignation.]

And for those who don't know, this coup (that fired Brazon and Radford and is instituting other significant network changes) was engineered for the most part by two "CandidateSlate" KPFK LSB members, who were elected to the national board: Grace Aaron and Jan Goodman.

Noteworthy is the fact that the "CandidateSlate" campaign, as it has done in past years, used Ken and Grace Aaron’s “Social Uplift Foundation” and its 501c3 status to reduce the cost of its election mailer for the LSB election. The difference this year is that the same Social Uplift Foundation used its nonprofit status to fund the election campaigns of their partisan allies at KPFT in Houston and WBAI in New York.

Those of us who didn't vote in the last KPFK elections and didn't encourage others to vote should think seriously about these unfortunate consequences.

Jim Lafferty's Response to Ian Masters:  I am always amazed and saddened when Ian decides to issue one of his screeds attacking various people at KPFK, and going on about how badly he thinks the station is doing... he is invariably wrong, often cruel and dismissive of some of the station's hardest working staff, and often writing what he must know to be untrue. read the letter.

Critical Time for KPFK & Pacifica Radio   In the last year, KPFK... has gone from running a nearly ½ million dollar deficit to operating in the black. read entire article.


KPFK, Pacifica Radio in southern California, has long claimed to be people-powered radio. But in recent years, audience and listener-sponsor memberships are both down.

With recent changes in governance and now national and local management there’s hope to turn that around.

For over a decade, the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition at KPFK has been working for fresh, relevant, diverse voices on air, and accountability and transparency within Pacifica. We have stood up for community-oriented programming, including from the Spanish-speaking community. We have pioneered on getting the local board to raise funds for the station and took responsibility to pull the foundation from the brink. KPFK and Pacifica are facing critical choices that affect their future survival. The Grassroots Community Radio Coalition is building an alliance of all who want to build on KPFK’s strengths as a community-oriented, free speech, democratic communications medium to overcome its weaknesses. Together we can attract and regain listeners, and fulfill our mission with a new generation.

High-quality journalism, public affairs, cultural coverage, music and art, dynamic educational broadcasting and community service are key to re-asserting our “brand” as free speech, community oriented radio that connects the global, local and personal.

Wouldn’t you like to hear more about and from:

  • Communities resisting gentrification and rebuilding hollowed-out inner cities
  • Labor countering “right to work for less” union-busting and organizing low-wage workers
  • Migrants casting off fear in the face of unprecedented deportations
  • Defense of whistle-blowers who have exposed the surveillance state
  • Thousands of prisoners putting their bodies on the line against torture and isolation
  • “Artivists” breaking down boundaries between ‘culture’ and ‘politics’
  • Venezuelans preserving the Bolivarian revolution against US-financed violence
  • Palestinians building an international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement
  • Alliances being built against police brutality, racism, spying, and repression
  • Communities building people-powered alternatives to environmental and climate crisis
  • Opponents of new cold wars and “humanitarian” hot wars
  • People uprooting white supremacy and showing that Black lives truly matter
  • Young people in high school and college fighting for their future, and ours

If you think reporting on and analyzing these grassroots, solutions-oriented developments will help KPFK and Pacifica challenge war, racism and austerity, please join the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition and help us elect LSB members.


Renew KPFK’s Commitment to the Pacifica Mission
Re-build and Re-engage with the Listening Audience
Reconnect KPFK with our Diverse Communities – and Let them Speak Out!
Rejuvenate and Refresh KPFK’s Sound for Relevance and Impact

Check out our Program and Platform - get in touch today to see how you can help turn these ideas into reality!